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this is a scammer from Craigslist and PennySaver selling puppies "locally". Wants u to send money then they will "ship" the dog to you because ..Guess What?! they just moved out of state !! Goes by names Dr. Dean Balcer, Dean Bacer, and Carter Moore. BEWARE!! by IP address 99.60.99.#September 3rd
Lisa Foster- who ever you are - pay your bills so people will stop harassing me about your bills! by IP address 173.168.173.#August 2nd
this is another craigslist scammer... offering to pay with checks over 4 month time. wrote text messages like a nigerian scammer. Do not contact this harassing person!!! by IP address 151.213.151.#May 30th
keeps on calling harassing me. by IP address 165.171.165.#December 18th
got a txt saying "your phone has been hacked reply NOW to activate your profile". by IP address 148.177.148.#June 27th
Spam call from police by IP address 184.166.184.#April 29th
I have gotten a call phone this number saying charges are against me and then given a fake number 1-855-580-6362 by IP address 71.72.71.#November 30th
I keep getting harassing calls at all hours from a girl named "Rochelle" at this number. by IP address 98.27.98.#September 10th
This number is where i have my facebook account code was set 2 but it wont let it go to that number and i have a new number by IP address 76.211.76.#August 17th
I got a text message at 2:30 am which said fuck you bitch. I was surprised that somebody would text something like that after midnight. by IP address 24.29.24.#June 23rd
Sends text messages claiming your google account is hacked. Probably a scammer. by IP address 71.227.71.#June 17th
313-355-5242 is a FAKE Google SEO Search Engine Optimization service. It's a robocall claiming to be calling from Google, but it's clearly NOT Google that's calling. It's calling to offer your business enhanced SEO and Google AD Placement. Nothing more than just another scam marketing SEO company who is outright violating Federal Law by using an auto-dialer and robocalling businesses to try to gain more business for itself. Reporting directly to the website. by IP address 184.191.184.#June 6th
been getting a ton of spam from this number. by IP address 68.40.68.#May 16th
Spam message to my cell 4/3/13. by IP address 98.240.98.#April 3rd
This person is signing up on dating websites with a fake picture and claiming to be gorgeous. In actuality, he and his roommate are ex-con's trying to get women to come have sex with them. The name they are going by are Sam and John and they live together in a 1/2 way house in Mt.Pleasant, MI. The address is 409 Mill St. Sam claimed to be gorgeous and very fit, and he was non-attractive and overweight. John is an older male and very creepy. If this helps just one person from coming in contact with these creepers I will be happy. Please do not continue contact with these men. by IP address 24.247.24.#September 3rd
Is on a dating website with a fake picture, claiming to be somebody that he's not. by IP address 66.227.66.#August 25th
Asked for all of my paypal information, email, full name, phone, shipping from location on an add I had posted, in order to buy the item while they were in the mountains on holiday. by IP address 64.19.64.#July 30th

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Did nothing leave message by IP address 184.164.184.#December 9th
Tagged as [Not Safe] by IP address 74.120.74.#October 14th
I am a happily married woman who loves men and keep getting a text from someone soliciting sex from this number by IP address 73.209.73.#October 11th
SCAM by IP address 73.162.73.#October 2nd
Tagged as [Not Safe] by IP address 73.162.73.#October 2nd
Random unknown spoofed number robocall. No name ID no message. Scammer uses different numbers in scam calls. by IP address 75.71.75.#September 16th
they leave no message on my cell. must be a scam by IP address 50.38.50.#September 9th
Tagged as [Not Safe] by IP address 100.14.100.#September 6th
Tagged as [Safe] by IP address 142.179.142.#August 31st
Tagged as [Not Safe] by IP address 205.237.205.#August 14th
Calls hangs up by IP address 107.77.107.#July 19th
Tagged as [Not Safe] by IP address 104.192.104.#June 24th
Tagged as [Not Safe] by IP address 108.253.108.#June 11th
Said I submitted a job app on line. I said no and he asked what kind of job I was looking for. I said none. Then caller hung up. by IP address 108.253.108.#June 11th
Tagged as [Not Safe] by IP address 174.195.174.#April 26th
I keep getting spam calls from the following #2058374610 by IP address 174.80.174.#April 12th
Tagged as [Not Safe] by IP address 209.58.209.#April 8th
Tagged as [Not Safe] by IP address 108.45.108.#February 27th
Tagged as [Not Safe] by IP address 69.241.69.#January 18th
rings, but no one there. nusiance call by IP address 98.214.98.#October 24th
Tagged as [Not Safe] by IP address 32.211.32.#September 18th
my number is lost kon chori kar ke le gaya by IP address 117.214.117.#August 25th
After midnight prank by IP address 73.154.73.#August 17th
claims they have been investigation my family & said i didn't respond to them & they are charging me with fraud on behalf of the Federal Government by IP address 68.185.68.#August 3rd
Tagged as [Not Safe] by IP address 68.185.68.#August 3rd
This number is being used to promote a credit card scam to get information from callers that might make them vulnerable to identity theft or loss of assets. by IP address 75.170.75.#May 9th
Tagged as [Not Safe] by IP address 47.205.47.#April 5th
Another spam caller by IP address 63.249.63.#April 4th
Spam caller by IP address 63.249.63.#April 4th
Tagged as [Not Safe] by IP address 64.183.64.#March 8th